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What would happen if Dracula´s famous fangs rebelled against him? What if there were alive and would never want to go back into his owner’s mouth? The answer is: D E N T U L A ! Do you want more information? Download Dentula's dossier and contact us!  
Well known actress and machrobiotic specialist, Cristina Brondo, teach us that the vegan cuisine isn´t hard or difficult to do. In an easy and cool way, she invites us to have a healthy food to feel better every day.
Bepo and Lourdes known each other since they were kids, but now they´re in love. Enjoying their first love, so pure and intense. But there´s a dark and hidden secret about them. Can love live beyond taboos, culture, and sin? Directed by: Diego Yaker
Directed by: Diego Yaker. A working-class family at Mar del Plata, the worst point of the economic crisis in Argentina in 2001. Diego, the twenty year old son, is obsessed with raising the money to leave for Spain, the country from which his grandfather emigrated to Argentina many years before....